Sometimes the best thing to eat is : Nothing.


We are commonly told :

– Breakfast is the most important meal.

– Skipping meals is unhealthy (and can slow down metabolism – get fat).

– Eating three meals (plus snacks) is healthy (less is not)

– We need to keep up are energy and strength (eat often).

– Skipping meals can cause to Inadequate Nutrition and Blood Sugar drops.

– Skipping meals can lead to eating disorders.

But rarely are we told the benefits of not eating sometimes (eg skipping a meal or two):

– An easy way to re-balance a Calorie/Kj overload from previous or upcoming celebration meal (eg big meal last night do I really need breakfast? – perhaps coffee and cream is enough).

– If trying to reduce body-fat : Skipping a meal is often easier to do (whilst keeping busy) than restricting Calories at every/some meals.

– When we are sick it’s natural (and healthy) to not want to eat (live off of body fat stores) and maybe take a simple broth to keep up fluids and some minerals.

– Improved energy and mental clarity (meals can often cause a mental/energy slump).

– Many healthy/strong/fit people regularly and easily skip meals (no hunger, no discomfort, no energy slump) eg when busy, or if their last meal was big.

– It’s a good to rest the stomach and digestive system and allow the body’s energy to heal damaged areas of the body.

– Can improve gut and digestive issues and diseases.

– We can teach our body to better access/utilise the huge energy storage in body fat (even the leanest among us have a lot of working energy in stored body fat).

– Become less dependent on fast burning (and short lasting) sugars for fuel (carbs/glucose).

– Improve insulin resistance (precursor to type-2 diabetes).

– Allow the body to clean up damaged cells (destroy and ‘eat’ for them for fuel eg cells that are the beginning of cancers).

– Could actually extend life and health as the aging process can slow down.

– Can be a ‘RESET’ for poor eating and lifestyle habits.

– Can improve skin problematic conditions.

– May change eating habits from processed carbs to real/natural foods that include some fats (the stuff that provides sustained energy).

– Can have a calming/grounding/focusing effect as used in religions, mediation, yoga etc

Skipping meals here and there may not be for everyone, but when one learns to use it as a ‘tool’ it can be very convenient, healthy and liberating.

This post was brought to you by a “breakfast” of good Coffee with Cream and a piece of dark chocolate 🙂


Breakfast the most important meal of the day


As adults, we are told to eat breakfast.

Unless it’s eggs – that stuff will kill you. If cooked in butter and you eat more than two then a heart attack will probably occur before lunch (check your health insurance is up to date ).

So of cause I just ignore such health/dietary ‘wisdom’ – today’s breakfast is coffee. I normally have it with cream and a piece of chocolate but I have run out of these optional extras.

I might eat mid/late afternoon……..

Though the continental breakfast pictured above does look quiet good, I wonder what it would taste like smeared in peanut butter, beer-battered, rolled in breadcrumbs and sugar then deep-fried – I think all food groups would then be covered.

What did you have for breakfast?