Is Chiropractic real?


Do chiropractors actually do anything?

They talk of vertebral subluxations, enhancing signal paths to organs, muscles and limbs.

They crack and adjust the spine and neck – but how real is it? (does it work/help?)

Is it physical or placebo or a combination of the two – and is this any different to what any medical doctor does?

Any comments on experience with chiropractors ?

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Actually Breakfast is important


Often we hear that breakfast is the most importation meal – I’ve disagreed with this in the past.

Looking at it again – I now think it is true.

If you never break your fast, you never eat…..if you never eat, you die….

So breakfast is important – it just doesn’t have to be in the morning.

Pictured is this afternoon’s ‘breakfast’.

Speedo Limit?


Is there age that men should stop wearing Speedo style swimmers at the beach or pool?

Is it that at 40 and overweight (seemingly normal),  the board shorts just don’t look as bad, or is the Speedo look just for younger people?

What if a man at 60 is in good condition? Are Speedos OK for him?

Also when should we stop doing handstands and cartwheels and “act like grownups”?

Paleo is too hard


Paleo is just too hard.

It means you have to eat real food to say “I’m Paleo”, “I eat Paleo”

I ate some real food two days ago – surely that’s enough.

Apparently there are people that do this everyday – go figure!

I can do the intermittent fasting thing – sometimes I go 90min between chips and biscuits.

Are we sure caveman didn’t eat processed foods?

Doctors, Dietitians/Nutritionists, Health experts are generally dismissive of this way of eating (and some say it’s dangerous) – doesn’t that count for something?

I’m just not convinced……



Note To Self : Make another appointment with my Gastrointestinal specialist, my heartburn medication is not working anymore and the side-effects are getting worse – surely there’s a better prescription…….

Double Yolk Eggs


People who throw out yolks for “Health” reasons:

Are they happier when they get double yolk eggs?  – That way they can throw out more ‘bad’ stuff.

If you’re having breakfast with someone in a cafe and they order a 4 egg-white omelet:

Are you the type of person that would order  a 4 whole-egg omelet and tell the waiter to throw their discarded 4 yolks  in to your omelet?


The problem with iPhones


The problem with iPhones :  iTunes

Why are portable Apple products so proprietary?

They could just work like a normal USB drive – Contacts,  File, Photos, Notes, Voice recordings just simple files under simple directories.

No, instead the user is required to use this crappy PC software : iTunes

iPhone, i Pad,  iPod etc….. Same problem……proprietary connection method……iTunes