Sometimes the best thing to eat is : Nothing.


We are commonly told :

– Breakfast is the most important meal.

– Skipping meals is unhealthy (and can slow down metabolism – get fat).

– Eating three meals (plus snacks) is healthy (less is not)

– We need to keep up are energy and strength (eat often).

– Skipping meals can cause to Inadequate Nutrition and Blood Sugar drops.

– Skipping meals can lead to eating disorders.

But rarely are we told the benefits of not eating sometimes (eg skipping a meal or two):

– An easy way to re-balance a Calorie/Kj overload from previous or upcoming celebration meal (eg big meal last night do I really need breakfast? – perhaps coffee and cream is enough).

– If trying to reduce body-fat : Skipping a meal is often easier to do (whilst keeping busy) than restricting Calories at every/some meals.

– When we are sick it’s natural (and healthy) to not want to eat (live off of body fat stores) and maybe take a simple broth to keep up fluids and some minerals.

– Improved energy and mental clarity (meals can often cause a mental/energy slump).

– Many healthy/strong/fit people regularly and easily skip meals (no hunger, no discomfort, no energy slump) eg when busy, or if their last meal was big.

– It’s a good to rest the stomach and digestive system and allow the body’s energy to heal damaged areas of the body.

– Can improve gut and digestive issues and diseases.

– We can teach our body to better access/utilise the huge energy storage in body fat (even the leanest among us have a lot of working energy in stored body fat).

– Become less dependent on fast burning (and short lasting) sugars for fuel (carbs/glucose).

– Improve insulin resistance (precursor to type-2 diabetes).

– Allow the body to clean up damaged cells (destroy and ‘eat’ for them for fuel eg cells that are the beginning of cancers).

– Could actually extend life and health as the aging process can slow down.

– Can be a ‘RESET’ for poor eating and lifestyle habits.

– Can improve skin problematic conditions.

– May change eating habits from processed carbs to real/natural foods that include some fats (the stuff that provides sustained energy).

– Can have a calming/grounding/focusing effect as used in religions, mediation, yoga etc

Skipping meals here and there may not be for everyone, but when one learns to use it as a ‘tool’ it can be very convenient, healthy and liberating.

This post was brought to you by a “breakfast” of good Coffee with Cream and a piece of dark chocolate 🙂


A Healthy Soda Drink


A standard soda drink may contain 10+ teaspoons of sugar and artificial colors and chemicals.

The “diet” or low-cal sodas have artificial sweeteners and the other bad stuff of artificial colors and chemicals.

If you’re at home and want a refreshing (but healthy) soda drink – try standard soda-water (or sparking mineral water) and add some Balsamic Vinegar (and/or some Apple Cider Vinegar) – Preferably Organic vinegar/s.

Maybe it’s an acquired taste but it tastes great to me – somewhere between a soda and a root-beer (well you can pretend  🙂  )


Why is is healthy?

– It has no Sugar.

– Good quality Vinegar’s are beneficial to gut health (meaning whole body/mind health), in fact Apple Cider Vinegar is a probiotic (has live healthy bacteria – like that of good yogurt)

.- Good quality Vinegar’s can help with diabetes, weight control and other health issues.

– The vinegar has anti-oxidants.


Simple recipe:

With this method, the drink is made in the soda water bottle – you can pour it in a glass and add other ingredients

1. Take one chilled Soda Water bottle from the fridge (I use small ‘mixer’ drink glass bottles)

2. Open bottle and take a mouthful of straight (I like it straight too),  the reason for doing this is the soda can bubble over when adding vinegar/s

3. Add a slash of Balsamic Vinegar to soda water to the color/taste you like – I make the color to look like that of tea (or beer/scotch color if that thought appeals to you).

4. If you wish : add a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar – you can even add a pinch of good salt ( careful though adding salt as it will very likely make the drink over-flow out of the bottle – it will certainly add fizz).

5. You can add you own flavors eg Slice of lemon, mint etc

I enjoy this ‘guilt-free’ soda drink any time of day (especially on a hot day).

If you usually drink sugary drinks then this may take some getting used to, but I think it’s worth it.

I could even drink it at a party if I didn’t want to drink. In fact when I have a couple of these drinks this I get slight ‘buzz’ and my appetite reduces (even if I haven’t eaten all day) – Is the effect because of : Placebo? A belly full of soda-water? Gut/brain link enhanced due to proboictics? Other reasons?

In any case, I like it and it seems my gut bacteria likes it too.





Paleo is too hard


Paleo is just too hard.

It means you have to eat real food to say “I’m Paleo”, “I eat Paleo”

I ate some real food two days ago – surely that’s enough.

Apparently there are people that do this everyday – go figure!

I can do the intermittent fasting thing – sometimes I go 90min between chips and biscuits.

Are we sure caveman didn’t eat processed foods?

Doctors, Dietitians/Nutritionists, Health experts are generally dismissive of this way of eating (and some say it’s dangerous) – doesn’t that count for something?

I’m just not convinced……



Note To Self : Make another appointment with my Gastrointestinal specialist, my heartburn medication is not working anymore and the side-effects are getting worse – surely there’s a better prescription…….

Double Yolk Eggs


People who throw out yolks for “Health” reasons:

Are they happier when they get double yolk eggs?  – That way they can throw out more ‘bad’ stuff.

If you’re having breakfast with someone in a cafe and they order a 4 egg-white omelet:

Are you the type of person that would order  a 4 whole-egg omelet and tell the waiter to throw their discarded 4 yolks  in to your omelet?


Paleo Diet – the worst diet of 2014 (and it’s still only mid January)


I’m re-thinking my ‘Paleo Diet’.

Recently a panel of health experts ranked Paleo as the worst diet of 32 popular diets they looked at.

This has me very worried…..I may need to re-consider my nutrition.

They ranked the Slim Fast diet at 13 that’s much better than that last place getter (32) for Paleo. I’m pretty sure I could sustain 3 shakes and day and their bars for the rest of my life – surely I won’t become nutrient deficient on that. All the sugar, veg oil and chemicals they put in there sounds yummy!

Or there’s the biggest loser diet at 9th place – last time I saw that it included a lot of being yelled at by trainers and the participants crying all over the place – I think crying after being yelled at is very slimming. A lot of 8 hour days on the tread mill and eating at an extreme calorie deficit seems to be something I could work in to my daily routine – I just need someone to yell at me – a lot!

What was I thinking with MY version of ‘Paleo’?:

Meat, Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Liver, Vegetables (including potatoes, onions, garlic), Fermented foods, Rice, Natural Dairy, Nuts, Fruit (including berries), Honey, herbs/spices

Exercise (lifting/pushing/pulling weights), Walking, Low stress, relaxation, plenty of sleep.

As if you’ll lose excess weight (body fat) with that – or build muscle and start to show the outline of a six-pack.

Crazy talk! – now I got to get me some Slim Fast and someone to yell at me!

Thanks “panel of health experts” ! – you’ve done it again.