The disease of Minimalism


A minimalist walks in to an empty room…….

– Are they happy/comfortable?
– Are they disappointed there’s nothing left to get rid of?
– Do they think “Is that door really necessary?” or “This place has at least one too-many rooms”


Does minimalist see other peoples areas/homes as having unnecessary stuff/clutter?:

– Their living areas have STUFF (why do they have STUFF?). Do they use this stuff? What if the stuff wasn’t there would they miss it?

– Kids toys all over the floor or crammed in to plastic boxes….and LEGO!!

– Three different floor surfaces in a recently renovated home: Hardwood, Tiles and Carpet – did they really need the carpet?

– TV: Tens (or 100s of channels) and all of it crap – and the TV area takes up an entire wall and housed in an entrainment unit with DVDs and more stuff

– Ornaments, decorations, books, gadgets…….when will the madness end?

Does the minimalist think: “Maybe I can help this poor soul by helping them get rid of this crap?” “Or get me out of this crazy place”

I could go on, but this post is starting to look too ‘busy’…………..


Clean Up, Get Organised.


Do you have a drawer, box, filing cabinet, cupboard, room, or house full of old paperwork?

It’s probably just in dis-organised piles that you’ve been avoiding for weeks, months or even years.

Here’s an idea : Get up early in the morning (possibly on the weekend), make a cup of good coffee and start sorting through that junk.

Use your desk, kitchen table, kitchen bench or even the  floor to start laying out  and sorting the paperwork.

Speaking of junk have a large bin in the middle of the room as you find a lot of it is actually just junk and not something you’ll need to keep.

Be sure to destroy personal/private/financial/security documents/info (shred them, or as a minimum tear them up) .

Depending on how much you have and how long you’ve avoided it , it could take hours or even days to get through it.

Stay focused, keep the coffee flowing, maybe have music on in the background, or a podcast subject you’re interested in, you’ll start to get a momentum and it will get easier. Some people prefer doing this type of task alone and some prefer to have someone to help (if they can get it).

Most likely at least 50% of the stuff will be thrown out, though obviously keep require paperwork such as required records for bills, tax, work etc.

File important documents properly, using a filing cabinet or arch-lever folders.

You’ll find stuff that you have lost or forgotten about and some of it could be worth money – eg un-cashed cheques (checks), stock certificates, gift vouchers, travel money, travelers cheques (checks).

If you need breaks take them, but make sure they’re short ones – the get back to it.

At the end of the day – do something you enjoy to reward yourself – eg take a ride or walk in the park, go for a spa, go out to a movie, or out to a cafe with friends.

This may take a few days to complete, but after each day do something that evening as a reward – this should keep you motivated to keep going day after day to the end.

Slowly as the sorting is done the load will lessen, you’ll start to fell better and at the end you’ll feel like a weight has been taken off your shoulders – that the junk is gone and you properly filed important stuff and may some extra money in your pocket.

Your life is starting to get back in order.

Obviously maintenance is quite easy from now on – keep on top of it.