A Healthy Soda Drink


A standard soda drink may contain 10+ teaspoons of sugar and artificial colors and chemicals.

The “diet” or low-cal sodas have artificial sweeteners and the other bad stuff of artificial colors and chemicals.

If you’re at home and want a refreshing (but healthy) soda drink – try standard soda-water (or sparking mineral water) and add some Balsamic Vinegar (and/or some Apple Cider Vinegar) – Preferably Organic vinegar/s.

Maybe it’s an acquired taste but it tastes great to me – somewhere between a soda and a root-beer (well you can pretend  🙂  )


Why is is healthy?

– It has no Sugar.

– Good quality Vinegar’s are beneficial to gut health (meaning whole body/mind health), in fact Apple Cider Vinegar is a probiotic (has live healthy bacteria – like that of good yogurt)

.- Good quality Vinegar’s can help with diabetes, weight control and other health issues.

– The vinegar has anti-oxidants.


Simple recipe:

With this method, the drink is made in the soda water bottle – you can pour it in a glass and add other ingredients

1. Take one chilled Soda Water bottle from the fridge (I use small ‘mixer’ drink glass bottles)

2. Open bottle and take a mouthful of straight (I like it straight too),  the reason for doing this is the soda can bubble over when adding vinegar/s

3. Add a slash of Balsamic Vinegar to soda water to the color/taste you like – I make the color to look like that of tea (or beer/scotch color if that thought appeals to you).

4. If you wish : add a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar – you can even add a pinch of good salt ( careful though adding salt as it will very likely make the drink over-flow out of the bottle – it will certainly add fizz).

5. You can add you own flavors eg Slice of lemon, mint etc

I enjoy this ‘guilt-free’ soda drink any time of day (especially on a hot day).

If you usually drink sugary drinks then this may take some getting used to, but I think it’s worth it.

I could even drink it at a party if I didn’t want to drink. In fact when I have a couple of these drinks this I get slight ‘buzz’ and my appetite reduces (even if I haven’t eaten all day) – Is the effect because of : Placebo? A belly full of soda-water? Gut/brain link enhanced due to proboictics? Other reasons?

In any case, I like it and it seems my gut bacteria likes it too.






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