The disease of Minimalism


A minimalist walks in to an empty room…….

– Are they happy/comfortable?
– Are they disappointed there’s nothing left to get rid of?
– Do they think “Is that door really necessary?” or “This place has at least one too-many rooms”


Does minimalist see other peoples areas/homes as having unnecessary stuff/clutter?:

– Their living areas have STUFF (why do they have STUFF?). Do they use this stuff? What if the stuff wasn’t there would they miss it?

– Kids toys all over the floor or crammed in to plastic boxes….and LEGO!!

– Three different floor surfaces in a recently renovated home: Hardwood, Tiles and Carpet – did they really need the carpet?

– TV: Tens (or 100s of channels) and all of it crap – and the TV area takes up an entire wall and housed in an entrainment unit with DVDs and more stuff

– Ornaments, decorations, books, gadgets…….when will the madness end?

Does the minimalist think: “Maybe I can help this poor soul by helping them get rid of this crap?” “Or get me out of this crazy place”

I could go on, but this post is starting to look too ‘busy’…………..


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