Door to Door Religion – Sex Sells?


A knock at my door this morning:

I guessed it was a someone selling me their religion – so of cause I go to the door just wearing shorts.

I open the door I see this stunning brunette (25+ y/o) – on the scale of 1 to 10, she would have been 9.5+ maybe 10.

There was some older man with her – which I totally ignored.

She looks me up and down, smiles and I return the gesture – it’s only polite 🙂

Then comes her rehearsed talk about leaving some pamphlets to read blah, blah, blah – to which I smiled and politely declined.

She seemed surprised I declined the offer of pamphlets (I think that’s all that was offered……). They leave.

Her looks were used to sell their product – So I looked, but didn’t buy 🙂

Is this a new sales tactic they’re using (actually quite old tactic to sell stuff), or I have I been asleep?  …..zzz…….

Note: Picture displayed is not actual pic of woman at my door (I should have told her to wait and then got my camera) – the actual woman was better looking.


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