I’m thinking of training for a marathon (about 42.2km run).

But by my reckoning its about 42km too long……

Come to think of it, a few hundred meters of sprints a week is enough running – problem solved


6 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. That is a great photo. The guy on the right is how he looked before he started the race and this is how he looked (on the left) after 42 stupid ks. It appears he aged about 42 years after a stupid long race. He even lost a lot of weight and needs to eat that chicken cake.

    • Yeah it seems the 42Km depleted his muscles, hair, skin pigmentation and overall condition – not good.

      Kinda reminds me of a Shaun Micallef line (Aussie Comedian), about then fastest white man:
      “Matt Shirvington – World’s fastest White Man – Can he go on to become the world’s fastest black man?”

  2. He started in England and finished in Finland after customs gave him a nice singlet at the border. Wheres my postcard mate.

  3. This marathon post reminds me of a story i read about a man who thought he was a ball and a dog. He would go to the park and find an open space throw himself and do what dogs do and chase. At the end of the day he would come home with bites all over him. He would even get his own slippers.

    • Yeah…….I have no idea how that relates to the post, but you do so that’s the main thing I guess.

      Pretty funny story though, that could be a featured comment. If you keep coming up content like that then perhaps you could do a guest post.

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