How many bank accounts (and banks) does one need?


Savings accounts, Loan accounts, Credit Cards, superannuation/401K (not to mention insurance products for assets).

How many is too many?


Paleo Diet – the worst diet of 2014 (and it’s still only mid January)


I’m re-thinking my ‘Paleo Diet’.

Recently a panel of health experts ranked Paleo as the worst diet of 32 popular diets they looked at.

This has me very worried…..I may need to re-consider my nutrition.

They ranked the Slim Fast diet at 13 that’s much better than that last place getter (32) for Paleo. I’m pretty sure I could sustain 3 shakes and day and their bars for the rest of my life – surely I won’t become nutrient deficient on that. All the sugar, veg oil and chemicals they put in there sounds yummy!

Or there’s the biggest loser diet at 9th place – last time I saw that it included a lot of being yelled at by trainers and the participants crying all over the place – I think crying after being yelled at is very slimming. A lot of 8 hour days on the tread mill and eating at an extreme calorie deficit seems to be something I could work in to my daily routine – I just need someone to yell at me – a lot!

What was I thinking with MY version of ‘Paleo’?:

Meat, Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Liver, Vegetables (including potatoes, onions, garlic), Fermented foods, Rice, Natural Dairy, Nuts, Fruit (including berries), Honey, herbs/spices

Exercise (lifting/pushing/pulling weights), Walking, Low stress, relaxation, plenty of sleep.

As if you’ll lose excess weight (body fat) with that – or build muscle and start to show the outline of a six-pack.

Crazy talk! – now I got to get me some Slim Fast and someone to yell at me!

Thanks “panel of health experts” ! – you’ve done it again.

Financial Planning


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on my financial plan – I don’t want to be caught short when it comes to retirement.

For some reason I don’t seem to have any money left after the first weekend after payday – I hope to remedy that.

I have started buying weekly lottery tickets and I will enter extra ‘super draws’ when they come up.
Average winnings are usually over a million dollars and that should be enough to keep me going for a while until my next win.
I’m happy that I put the time and effort into solving this issue – now off to the pub to celebrate and maybe play my favorite poker machine for a bit of fun.

Breakfast the most important meal of the day


As adults, we are told to eat breakfast.

Unless it’s eggs – that stuff will kill you. If cooked in butter and you eat more than two then a heart attack will probably occur before lunch (check your health insurance is up to date ).

So of cause I just ignore such health/dietary ‘wisdom’ – today’s breakfast is coffee. I normally have it with cream and a piece of chocolate but I have run out of these optional extras.

I might eat mid/late afternoon……..

Though the continental breakfast pictured above does look quiet good, I wonder what it would taste like smeared in peanut butter, beer-battered, rolled in breadcrumbs and sugar then deep-fried – I think all food groups would then be covered.

What did you have for breakfast?

Door to Door Religion – Sex Sells?


A knock at my door this morning:

I guessed it was a someone selling me their religion – so of cause I go to the door just wearing shorts.

I open the door I see this stunning brunette (25+ y/o) – on the scale of 1 to 10, she would have been 9.5+ maybe 10.

There was some older man with her – which I totally ignored.

She looks me up and down, smiles and I return the gesture – it’s only polite 🙂

Then comes her rehearsed talk about leaving some pamphlets to read blah, blah, blah – to which I smiled and politely declined.

She seemed surprised I declined the offer of pamphlets (I think that’s all that was offered……). They leave.

Her looks were used to sell their product – So I looked, but didn’t buy 🙂

Is this a new sales tactic they’re using (actually quite old tactic to sell stuff), or I have I been asleep?  …..zzz…….

Note: Picture displayed is not actual pic of woman at my door (I should have told her to wait and then got my camera) – the actual woman was better looking.



Just started a new diet.

Today’s breakfast is Froot Loops, (made from fruit and comes in a colorful box) – add a few tablespoons of sugar to taste.

Apparently fats are part of the diet – l might drink a gallon of Crisco Veg Oil with my coffee.

I feel better already……